Festival of the Winds

<img src="kite-flying.jpg" alt="Kite Flying" /><img src="kite-failed.jpg" alt="Kite Failed" /><img src="whale-kite.jpg" alt="Whale Kite" /><img src="festival-of-the-winds-bondi-2014.jpg" alt="festival of the winds bondi 2014" /><img src="funny-kite-man.jpg" alt="Funny Kite Man" /><img src="kite-man.jpg" alt="Kite Man" /><img src="Flying-kite.jpg" alt="Flying Kite" /><img src="festival-of-the-winds-crowd1.jpg" alt="festival of the winds crowds 1" /><img src="mess-up-kite.jpg" alt="Mess up kite" /><img src="festival-of-the-winds-crowd2.jpg" alt="festival of the winds crowds2" /><img src="festival-of-the-winds-sydney-2014.jpg" alt="Festival of the winds sydney 2014" />


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